Saturday, April 16, 2011

Getting ready for Surtex!

I'm up late working as usual as I prepare for my very first show! I'll be showing my work at Surtex (or at least my agent will be, I'll be stuck here). So now I'm working double time to get all kinds of presentations ready for the show. Stationery, room decor, gifts, tabletop, textiles ... all my favorite things!

Next week will be challenging, as the kids are home for Spring Break... who's on break? Not me! I'll be up till midnight every night to make up for what will most likely be very unproductive days. Here's a cute rug I designed using my tiny menagerie collection.

I'll be up for a little while longer... but the kids are up with the birds (even, or I should say, ESPECIALLY on the weekends!) So I better get some sleep soon. Really, how did this night owl ever produce two early birds?!

– Heather


  1. Adorable as ever, Heather! Would make a great wall hanging, too! Good luck at Surtex! Who WOULDN'T want this for their collection. That's what I'd like to know!

    I hope you survive Spring Break!!

  2. Thanks Salina! I can not tell a lie... the kids are kicking my butt! We're having fun (if constant squabling and fighting can be considered fun) or at least I'm trying to. I've had to use the old "the Easter Bunny is watching all of this" several times a day. Thank God they go back on Monday... because after Sunday I won't have the Easter bunny to rely on anymore!


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