Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Back-to-School collections

I've been so busy signing up new licensees and creating new collections, that I have neglected my blog!... but now I'd like to make some new announcements and showcase a new collection I've been working on.

First up is a new collection targeted at boys.... that's right, boys! My son has complained that I don't do any boy things and there's a shortage of cute boy product in the marketplace, so I've decided to dedicate myself to all things boy.

At first it was hard to break away from my girlie style, but I've found some new, fresh inspiration!

First up is Retro Robots. A cute collection of robots made from cute, retro electronics. It took a lot of exploration and experimentation to make this collection come together. Starting out, I didn't know how this collection would look in the end, but I've never had so much fun pushing the boundaries of where my imagination could lead me.

You can get Retro Robot themed items from just in time for Back-to-School. New items are being added all the time to the kids section, so check back often. You can get notebooks, folders, lunch boxes, party invitations, thank you cards and so many other items. And all personalized with your child's name!

... and a folder for Back-to-School. Matching notebook and lunch box available, too.

That brings me to another announcement, a new partner I'm really excited about! It's called Card Gnome and it's such a great idea! You can personalize cards for your friends and family and they print and SEND the card for you! You pick-out your cards, personalize them with your message and schedule the delivery up to a year in advance. And they send a REAL card in the mail! eCards are ok, but getting something real in the mail (that isn't junk mail or bills!) is such a rare treat! You can also have the cards sent to you, if you want to hand write them. Such a great idea! My stuff is a little hard to find on the site, so you'll have to search a bit. If you go to Browse Artist Shops and go the Jewel Store, you can find my items. Here's a shortcut: the Jewel Store. There are lots of other artists and styles to choose from as well. Here's a sneak peak:

Here's a thank you card on the site using my Whoo's Cute Collection:

.... and from Sweet Shoppe:

I'll be adding to Card Gnome as I go.... so check back often!

I have a lot of new partners to announce as they get closer to being in the marketplace, including a Christmas ornament collection, a mural licensee and an EXCLUSIVE license with a fabric company! You'll be able to find my fabric at both independent retailers and JoAnn Fabrics! I'll post as the product gets closer to being in the market. 

Brand new collections coming soon!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Color Game with Paint Swatches

Here's a cute little color matching game I made for my children using paint swatches from a home improvement store and some simple craft supplies. 

Here's what it teaches:
• recognizing subtle differences in color hue and value (This is something that should be taught in every graphic design program!)

Here's how I did it:

All you need is a selection of swatches from a paint store, a square paper punch (1 inch square), and a selection of stamps and inks. If you don't have any stamps or inks, just a fat, black magic marker will do.

1. Punch out two squares from one paint swatch.

2. Stamp the same image on the backside of each of the squares. I found a solid image works best over the text on the back. If you don't have stamps, draw a symbol with the marker.

3. For the rest of the swatches, stamp (or draw) a different image on the back of each pair of squares.

4. Now spread out the swatches, color side up. The child tries to choose two of the same swatch. If the symbol on the back is the same, they have a match! If not, they return it and keep trying.

It can be trickier than it looks, especially where the tones are similar. It sharpens their ability to recognize color. Great exercise for graphic design students as well!

If you want to go further....
• group colors by primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

If you want to go even further with an older child....
• group colors into harmonies: analogous, complementary and triadic
Easy explanations here:

Have fun teaching your kids about color! What colors are their favorite? What do the colors remind them of? How can they mix-up the colors in their next drawing or painting? A purple tree? A pink sky? Why not?!

til next time,

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