Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Color Game with Paint Swatches

Here's a cute little color matching game I made for my children using paint swatches from a home improvement store and some simple craft supplies. 

Here's what it teaches:
• recognizing subtle differences in color hue and value (This is something that should be taught in every graphic design program!)

Here's how I did it:

All you need is a selection of swatches from a paint store, a square paper punch (1 inch square), and a selection of stamps and inks. If you don't have any stamps or inks, just a fat, black magic marker will do.

1. Punch out two squares from one paint swatch.

2. Stamp the same image on the backside of each of the squares. I found a solid image works best over the text on the back. If you don't have stamps, draw a symbol with the marker.

3. For the rest of the swatches, stamp (or draw) a different image on the back of each pair of squares.

4. Now spread out the swatches, color side up. The child tries to choose two of the same swatch. If the symbol on the back is the same, they have a match! If not, they return it and keep trying.

It can be trickier than it looks, especially where the tones are similar. It sharpens their ability to recognize color. Great exercise for graphic design students as well!

If you want to go further....
• group colors by primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

If you want to go even further with an older child....
• group colors into harmonies: analogous, complementary and triadic
Easy explanations here: http://www.tigercolor.com/color-lab/color-theory/color-theory-intro.htm

Have fun teaching your kids about color! What colors are their favorite? What do the colors remind them of? How can they mix-up the colors in their next drawing or painting? A purple tree? A pink sky? Why not?!

til next time,

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