Friday, August 24, 2012

Papertrey August Blog Hop Challenge

Instead of just lurking on the monthly Papertrey Blog Hop Challenge like I normally do, I decided to actually participate in it! Well I actually decided to do it last month, but then went on vacation and missed it.... of course this was the month I actually HATED the challenge! It's so not me! Drab colors, fuzzy fabrics (no glitter or cupcakes to be seen...) and considering it's still triple digits where I live, the last thing I want to think about is corduroy and tweed (trust me, I never think about corduroy and tweed!)

 But here's the challenge and what I did with it....


So you see lots of gray..... a weird drab blue..... tweed... felt.... here's my take on the challenge:

here's a little closer:

The challenge forced me to use some different colors than what I usually reach for (where's the chartreuse and pink?!) And I used some of my supplies I never use (see that texture plate? I've had it for years and this is the first time I've used it!) Most of the time I have no problem getting rid of things.... books, clothes, whatever.... but my art and craft supplies! I'm like one of those crazy hoarding people that just can't let go.... I may find a use for it someday! Really!

But I think the challenge got me to think of same of my art supplies differently... and I used that off-white felt for something other than clouds! Notice the rick-rack and the owl?

But I HAD to have some of my recurring themes in there.....

a cute animal holding something....
But I did stay away from the polka-dots and glitter, so I should get credit for that! Anyway, not totally successful.... but I gave it a try!

– H


  1. What a cute card. I love the added scarf on the owl. I just became a follower I hope you will come visit me to.
    DIANA L.

  2. Both fantastic card Heather. Love your blog hop!

  3. I love the owl all wrapped up!!

  4. I think your card is adorable! I am mostly a lurker as well...and while I had every intention of playing this month they inspiration just didn't speak to me...I am a pink, cupcake, glittery, polka dot girl myself! :)

  5. Love the scarf on the owl and that he is holding the sentiment! So cute! I am a glitter and pink girl too but this challenge forced me to make a masculine card for my brother's birthday so it worked out! :)

  6. Oh, how adorable! I love how you added a scarf to the owl!

  7. This is a very cute card! Love your use of the owl.


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