Thursday, February 27, 2014

As close to Bootcamp as I'll ever get...

Yes, that's right.... I'm in Bootcamp. Art Bootcamp that is. The wonderful, talented agent Lilla Rogers is running an assignment class for the next six months and I have signed-up! I got my piece in before the deadline (and before our snow trip)! Here's my piece and a link to the gallery if you wanted to see the other (about 400) artists' submissions. Mine's on page three, fifth row. So much cool art, we all had the same theme.... Cuckoo Clocks. And the same product.... phone cases for the gift market, but the interpretations are endlessly different! Here is the link:

If I can make the deadline for the March assignment (if proper paid work or life doesn't get in the way), I'll post that too!

Have a lovely day!


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