Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Listen while you work.....

I wanted to share a couple of really cool music sites that I use while I work. Listening to Pandora or my iTunes playlist is fine, but for when I really need to focus sometimes it can become a distraction.

I've found two sites that are very different from each other, but they have the same goals.... to help you concentrate on you work. Whether it's writing, studying, coding, or art.... I've found that I can reach a new level of flow with this music.

The first is my favorite and I've used it almost every day since I discovered it. It's called focus@work. You can try it for as long as you want for free, but with the premium service it's even more helpful. My favorite thing..... the timer. You can set it for however long you want to work for. I usually do 90 minute sessions. When the bell rings and the music stops I know it's time to stretch, take a quick walk, get some tea or whatever! I don't have to constantly look at the clock, I know the bell will ring when my session is over.

The timer is also super helpful on those days when I'm especially distracted checking for email or Facebook..... I know that I can check once my session is over and the bell rings. I've been able to focus so much easier on my work using this.

The timer is also super helpful when you are having the opposite kind of day and get lost easily in your work. If I know I have one more hour before I have to pick-up the kids or before a dentist appointment, I just set the timer and work until the bell rings and music stops..... it's saved me from missing quite a few appointments! Here's the web address: https://www.focusatwill.com

Here is a similar site I've discovered if you can concentrate better at a cafe. It's called Coffitivity. I have to admit, it doesn't really work for me, but everyone has a different style and this may be great for you. Give it a try! Here's the address: http://coffitivity.com

I hope you found this helpful and fun and makes your work day a little more enjoyable!

Have a great day,


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