Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some recent, fun classes to share!

I've been having a great time taking the design classes offered at Design Garden. If you want to learn a technique of creating really great clip art in Illustrator, this is a great class to take. Sabina is a wonderful teacher, you get one-on-one feedback from Sabina (that in itself is priceless!). You also get the benefit of being part of a very supportive group of artists. Some are very seasoned artists and have been doing this for a long time, others are brand new, doing this for the first time. Everyone is welcomed and supported! Here is some work I created in the Foundation Class:

I took the Trend Class, too. It's a great class to take after the Foundation class, since it deals with more advanced design themes. Here is some work I created in that class:

She's also offering a Color Workshop, which I'm taking right now. So there are classes for every level and interest! 

Foundation Class Hand Drawn Graphics

Have a Lovely Day!


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