Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review of Society6 items

I ordered some items from my Society6 shop recently. Here's my review:

These were very impressive! I ordered the 16 x 16 indoor fabric pillow with insert from my It's a Bird's Life collection. The color was beautiful! Exactly as I imagined. The quality was perfect. These were so great I ordered more to give to my family. Highly recommended! Here's a quick link to all of my pillow designs:

It's a Bird's Life

These were great as well! The color was right on and the printing quality was great. Highly recommended! Quick link to mugs:

It's a Bird's Life

Framed art prints: 
I ordered the mini 12 x12 with the scoop black frame from my Sea Life collection. The frame was closer to 11 3/4 x 11 3/4 inches. The printed image inside was 8 x 8 inches. The color and printing quality were excellent. The white area around the image is not matte board however. It's just a white area (same paper that the image was printed on). That was a slight disappointment (I was expecting matte board). But still a great value and a great looking piece! For the reasonable price: highly recommended!

Sea Life

Tote bags:
I ordered the 16 x 16 inch bags from It's a Bird's Life and Let's Go Camping. The color is not quite as brilliant as on the pillow, but still looks great. The bag is a really handy size and beautifully constructed. These would make a wonderful unique and useful gift. Highly recommended! Quick link to my tote bags:

Let's Go Camping

I ordered the t-shirt from Greetings From India for my daughter. I was disappointed with the faded color. Also, it smelled pretty bad. I washed the t-shirt and the smell completely disappeared. However, the color issue was so disappointing I cannot recommend. I've removed these from my shop. I will have to really adjust the color on this file. Once I adjust the color and approve of the product again, I will repost it to my shop and write an updated review.

That's all I've ordered so far, so it's all I can comment on, but there are many other items available. Here is quick link to my entire shop: I'll be posting new art as I go, so check back often!

Enjoy your holiday season!

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