Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Snowfall and Happy New Year!

I'm a little behind on my blog right now.... the whirlwind of Christmas, New Year's and trips to the mountains has taken over, but now things are returning to normal.

The most magical thing happened on our most recent trip to the mountains... my children have experienced falling snow! In lots of parts of the world this is easily taken for granted, but in southern California where we live it doesn't snow to often (you have to go to the mountains for that). As soon as we arrived at the cabin my kids jumped out of the car and began throwing snowballs and making a snowman. It was so cute to see them with little snowflakes on their button noses and trying to taste the snow for the first time on their tongues. They've played in the snow on mountain trips before, but there is something extra special about it falling from the sky. Get the January 2015 calendar here:
I wish you all a magical 2015!


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