Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Super easy no-sew fabric book covers

 Here's a quick, no-sew project to make your desk and book shelves much prettier!

 Here are the basic tools you'll need:

• some fabric you love
• iron-on adhesive (I used Heat-n-Bond, you could also use Wonder Under or any other fusible web)
• an iron
• sharp scissors
• a book of any size

1. Place the book you want to cover and measure (or eyeball) about two inches larger all around.
2. Cut fabric to size.
3. Fold down top of fabric and fold up bottom of fabric to match book size. (see below)

4. Iron to make creases at these points.

5. Now repeat for the sides of the book (see below). Iron to make creases. Put book in book cover to check that size is perfect.

6. Take book out and spread out fabric flat. For top and bottom of book cover estimate the size BETWEEN creases and cut fusible web the same length. Place the web in the pink areas indicated below (below the crease). 

7. Fold top flap down and bottom flap up and iron to make fusible web bond to fabric.

8. Now repeat for the sides of book cover. Measure from the side creases out to edge of fabric. Cut some fusible web to this size and place the web in pink areas indicated below. 

9. Fold left and right flaps in and iron to bond fabric. 

You are basically making a pocket to put the book cover flaps into. Remember making those book covers in grade school with grocery bags? These are like those, but with more style!

I hope I didn't make a simple project too complicated! It's actually pretty easy, I made a few and I got better every time! 

Thanks for joining me!


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